How to find a reliable and trustworthy removal company?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy removal company to trust with your valuables isnt always as easy as you may think. Quite understandably a lot of people are having to cut costs in all aspects of their lives due to the current economic climate. Be careful though when you move house. My top tip for today is never to book with companys that:- Don’t have a landline telephone number, (You may never see your belongings again), That are reluctant to visit prior to your move in order to assess the size of vehicle and number of operatives that will be required to ensure that your move goes smoothly. I have had many calls over the years from people that need my company to move them NOW because the company they booked with couldnt cope with the volume of furniture etc so simply walked away. For great tips on what you need to do before you move, why not check out and print off my moving tips checksheet at

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    Yes of course. The London Fire Brigade fits thousands of free smoke alarms every year and he/ she can get one by visiting and completing the form under “Free Home fire safety check” Good luck. Pete

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